With the diverse landscapes and natural beauty, the Plover Area is a fantastic destination for silent sport enthusiasts. Whether you’re an avid cyclist, a cross-country skier or a kayaker, the region provides opportunities to immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds you. 

  • Cycling: Ranging from scenic trails to road routes, the area offers a variety of cycling opportunities. The Green Circle Trail is a 27-mile route through parts of Plover and looping Stevens Point. The Tomorrow River Trails, which features a ride through woodlands, farmland and area communities, stretches from Plover to Manawa. The Plover River Trail, a segment of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, provides natural scenery with river views. Standing Rocks County Park offers mountain biking opportunities. Riders searching paved trails can enjoy a loop around Lake Pacawa Park. 
  • Canoeing and Kayaking: The area is home to numerous rivers, lakes, and waterways, making it an ideal location for canoeing and kayaking. The Plover River runs through the region, providing a scenic route for kayaking. Different sections of the river offer various paddling experiences. The Wisconsin River, which can be accessed in Plover, offers opportunities for extended adventure. Head less than an hour east to Waupaca and enjoy the Chain O’Lakes, which consists of 22-interconnected, spring-fed lakes. 
  • Cross-Country Skiing: Embrace Wisconsin’s winter wonderland through cross-country skiing. Cross-country skiing is a form of skiing that takes place on relatively flat or gently rolling terrain. Standing Rocks County Park offers various trails for different ability levels. The Plover River Trail segment offers a 10km loop of groomed trails. Those seeking more difficulty should visit the New Hope-Iola segment of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. 
  • Snowshoeing: Explore the snowy landscapes of Wisconsin through snowshoeing. Check out the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, which offer designated snowshoeing trails. Standing Rocks County Park also has 1- and 2-mile designated snowshoeing trails.  
  • Hiking: The combination of flat trails and rolling hills of the area provide a diverse range of hiking trails. Plover River Park, located along the Plover River, has trails that wind through the park’s natural areas. It’s a great spot for a nature walk and to enjoy the river scenery. Though primarily a biking trail, Tomorrow River Trail follows the Tomorrow River and offers a peaceful environment for walkers and hikers.  
  • Birdwatching: While not a traditional sport, birdwatching is a silent and immersive activity that can be enjoyed throughout the area. The wooded sections and the proximity to water provide a conducive environment for birdwatching. Check out local nature reserves, trails, and natural areas around Plover. These locations often have a mix of habitats that can attract a variety of birdlife.