Coffee & Sweets


Give your senses a wake up call with a locally roasted cup of coffee! From the sound of coffee beans grinding to the smell of a fresh brew, your senses will run wild in Mission Coffee House. For almost a decade, Mission has been a premier coffee stop in Central Wisconsin. Enjoy a cup carefully crafted just for you or spice it up with a monthly flight special.


There is not much better than homemade ice cream in the Dairy State! Visit award-winning King Cone to try one of their incredible 48 flavors! Locally owned and family operated, King Cone is celebrating 40 years of serving up sweet treats in Plover!

Mission Coffee House

Mission Coffee House, where we create coffee, community, and connection, is a destination for tons of local products. Mission Coffee provides a platform for community events, networking, and we are an advocate for small business collaboration…

Feltz Dairy Store

With a newly added Fun Farm, Feltz's Dairy Store offers year-round fun and a family-friendly destination. Feltz's is an especially popular place to explore during the Fall with a themed corn maze, pumpkin patch and more! Feltz's Dairy Store offers…

Colorful Plate Cafe

Come taste the freshness of locally sourced ingredients used to craft quick-service menu options that are simple and healthy. Great food comes from small kitchens! Colorful Plate Cafe is located inside the Food + Farm Exploration Center. No admission…