Lace up your boots, take in the fresh air, and let the trails guide your journey. The untamed beauty of the Plover Area is perfect for a solo adventure, a romantic trek for two, or a family expedition. 

Solo Adventure: The Plover Area is a welcoming, safe environment that allows solo travelers to explore without worries. Check out the Green Circle Trail, which is a 27-mile loop around the area. Take in scenic views along the Wisconsin and Plover Rivers.

Romantic Trek for Two: Spanning 50 acres, the Little Plover River Park features trails that wind alongside the Little Plover River. The two of you can expand your hike as the Little Plover River Park trails tie into the Green Circle Trail.

Family expedition: The Plover Area offers a variety of family-friendly options. Standing Rocks County Park offers about 10 miles of hiking trails that vary in difficulty. The park does require a trail pass, which can be purchased at trail head.


Two-wheeled thrills and relaxing rides are endless in the Plover Area. Offering a variety of difficulties, the…